Our Induction Ceremony in Hawaii

On November 4, 2016 over 100 guests gathered on Ft. Hase Beach in Kailua, HI for the inaugural induction ceremony of Pretty in Pink Empowerment Academy for Girls.


30 girls from a local elementary school were adorned with pink haku leis from their sponsor and promise rings from their mothers. The tokens signify their promise to not bully, judge or gossip about other members of Pretty in Pink. After receiving them they recited their motto in unison, “As the beauty of the flower, I will inspire to empower.”

girls and sunset.jpg

Pretty in Pink is sponsored and founded by Dr. Shaunte’ McFarland, local educator, author and international women’s minister. The academy has most recently expanded to Germany, Japan, Georgia and Arizona. Expansion to more communities on island is anticipated.

dr tae and girls.jpg

Their first empowerment circle on Monday, November 7th will be sponsored by 1st Sgt. Sigrid Rivera. The first female in Marine Corps Martial Arts Program history to attain a fourth-degree black belt. The theme will be “Setting appropriate verbal and physical boundaries”.


For more information on how you can sponsor a “flower pot” or chapter of Pretty in Pink Empowerment Academy in your community contact Dr. Shaunte’ at prettyinpinkhawaii@gmail.com or +1-213-293-5352.

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