Empowerment Academy for Girls Worldwide 

Research has shown that exposure to high-performing female role models can increase girls’ sense of belonging, reduce self-doubt, and motivate them to aspire to similar roles. It is through this hope that Pretty in Pink, Empowerment Academy for Girls, accomplishes these goals and builds confident young women who will make an impact in our society.
Based in Kailua, Hawaii, Pretty in Pink(PIP) uses reputably effective approaches to empowerment, including: consistent mentorship, positive role models, supportive peer groups, interactive teaching methods, culturally specific programming, gender specific programming, and experiential education.

Pretty in Pink was founded by Dr. Shaunte’ McFarland, a best-selling author, inspirational speaker, international women’s minister, educator and most importantly a wife and mother. In 2008, she founded Pretty in Pink to give hope to the students at an inner-city St. Louis charter school. Now, she is continuing the legacy for a different group of young ladies-daughters of military families.

Growing up in a small southern town, she is a testament that there are no boundaries to how far faith, support and education can take you.

Pretty in Pink Empowerment Academy for Girls has since expanded to Germany, Japan, Nigeria, South Africa, Arizona, California and Georgia with the help of like-minded, extraordinary women in their own right.

For more information on how you can bring this Empowerment Academy to your community, contact Dr. Shaunte’ at prettyinpinkinternational@gmail.com or 213-293-5352

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