Setting Appropriate Physical and Verbal Boundaries 

Screams and shrieks of excitement from 30 joyful girls when the announcement was made, “there she is”!!
Our first empowerment circle was sponsored by the one and only 1st Sgt. Sigrid Rivera, Service Company first sergeant, Headquarters Battalion, Marine Corps Base Hawaii. 

The first female in Marine Corps Martial Arts Program history to attain a fourth-degree black belt.

 The girls were very comfortable with asking 1stSgt. Rivera how to handle being in a situation you may not want to be at their age. Situations like games boys make up on the play ground that involve touch in areas they don’t want to be touched. Also, they wanted to know how to handle when a boy wants to kiss them or be more than friends in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!! 

They were empowered to know what to do if someone puts you in a physical situation that you didn’t ask for. They wanted to know how to defend themselves. (The girls were given strict instructions to not used what was demonstrated on the playground)

“Celebrate and embrace your differences.” 1stSgt. Sigrid Rivera 

Thank you Sgt. Vella for giving such encouraging words. 

Thank you Captain Shoemaker. The girls were thrilled to meet a female Cobra pilot!!

Thank you 1stSgt. Rivera. You are celebrity in your own right and the girls will never forget what you do for them today. 

This was a day to remember and the girls were absolutely EMPOWERED!!!!

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